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Thai Noodle Bar with a delightful blend of modern convenience and timeless authenticity.

The menu takes inspiration from the bustling Thai street vendors in Southern Thailand, frequented by local communities. Back to Singapore, we’ve sampled our own renditions of these staple dishes whilst staying true to the roots and love of these traditional Thai recipes.

With a speciality in Thai Beef Noodle, the full-bodied broth is made from a generational family recipe simmered for hours in an aromatic blend of spices and herbs, which explains the robust flavours at first sip. Or choose a steaming bowl of creamy tom yum noodles that screams richness and lemak. The thoughtfully curated menu places a premium on using the highest quality ingredients and beef cuts.

Offering a delicious range of small bites, noodles, rice dishes, desserts to booze, diners can relax and chill in the contemporary setting and enjoy full-flavoured Thai cuisine in this bespoke journey

As of 30 Nov 2022


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