Why Minor Food

At Minor Food, you will experience a fast-growing entrepreneurial environment that brings out your best performance while encouraging you to outdo your usual outdoing. Our leaders are passionately committed to helping you fulfill your potentials and hone the skills that will enable you to take on leadership roles within the company in the future.

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    Our employee’s success equates to ours as a company. At Minor Food, we attach great importance to our employees’ continuing career growth. We motivate our employees to stop being complacent and relentlessly strive to outdo their usual outdoing — to keep themselves eager to embark on new challenges, surpass their personal limits and boundaries, and emerge unparalleled in whatever they set their hands to. People


We Give the Best of Ourselves Every Day by Daring to Go Further!!

We strive hard for collective purposeful goals with unwavering will and ambition. Minor Food has fostered a culture of high-trust collaboration where employees embrace empathy and respect, set clear expectations and adopt healthier risk attitudes to drive ideation, and a sense of ownership that ensures each employee has a personal stake in team-wide endeavors, feeling comfortable taking matters into their hands and offering out-of-the-box thinking and creativity. In doing so, the company makes sure that there are always a clear end in sight and room for growth, both for themselves and the business. This is part of the reason behind our success as well as our employees’, which, in turn, brings progress to the community and the people we serve.

Thought of Leadership

Leaders should always be ready to unlearn and relearn to let go of old ways and embrace new ideas to grow faster than the competition.

Paul Kenny Chief Executive Officer

Thought of Leadership

We strongly believe that people are much more capable and exceptional than they give themselves credit for, so we always encourage our people to believe in their own capabilities, to embrace the person they can become and realise their maximum potential despite doubt and hesitation.

Patamawalai Rattanapol Chief People Officer

People Development Programs

At Minor Food, you can take your career to new heights. We have a wide variety of programmes in supply chain management, human resource management as well as restaurant operation management, which help in developing your potentials and groom you into one of our future leaders.


The next move is yours. It’s time to take your game to new heights.
Join our team of high achievers that are keen on pushing their envelope and leading change for the better, and get on the fast track to personal and professional development!

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