Why Minor Food?

At Minor Food, you will experience a fast-growing and entrepreneurial work environment that brings out your best performance. Our leaders are committed to helping you fulfil your potential and to developing the skills that will enable you to take up leadership roles within the company.

  • People

    Our people's success equates to ours as a company. We motivate our employees to embark on challenges, surpass their personal limits and emerge unparalleled in whatever they set their hands to.

Life at Minor Food

We work towards a collective goal, and giving it our heart and soul. Minor Food has fostered a culture of collaboration and ambition, with purposeful goals where there is always a clear end in sight and room for growth – for the business, and for its people. This is part of the reason behind Minor Food’s success and the success of its employees, which in turn brings progress to the community and the people Minor Food serves.

Paul Kenny, Chief Executive Officer

Thoughts Of Leadership

Leaders should always be ready to unlearn and relearn to let go of old ways and embrace new ideas to grow faster than the competition.

Paul Charles Kenny Chief Executive Officer
Patamawalai Ratanapol, Chief People Officer

Thoughts Of Leadership

We strongly believe that people are much more capable and exceptional than they give themselves credit for, so we always encourage our people to believe in their own capabilities, to embrace the person they can become and realise their maximum potential despite doubt and hesitation.

Patamawalai Ratanapol Chief People Officer

People Development Programs

With us, you can take your career higher. We have a variety of programs in supply chain management, human resource management as well as operations and restaurant management. These help develop your potential and groom you to be one of our future leaders.


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