How would you feel if you discovered some hidden potential that you never know existed?

November 29, 2019

Many people may have been assigned work above and beyond their responsibilities or tasks they have never done before. That may make them feel tired, discouraged, or feel like they’re being bullied. Check out the story of Khun Chaiyapat Paitoon, Deputy Chief Financial Officer & Strategic Planning of Minor International, who has been working in the Finance field throughout his career. When he first joined Minor, he was assigned many tasks beyond his expertise and that he had never done before. Eventually, it turned out that he discovered his hidden potential and found out the true definition of ‘Drive Culture’.

“Studying Finance Field, taking my parents as role models” 

Khun Big said that when he was young, he found his parents’ path interesting. So, he chose to study finance, taking his parents as his role models. When he graduated, he started his finance career in the US. After he came back from the US, he continued his career in finance for many years. After a while, he started to feel a lack of challenge in his career as Financial Consultant and Analyst. He then looked out for a new career in Corporate with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

“Minor was founded by a leader who demonstrates a real entrepreneurial spirit”

He admitted that the most important thing that attracted him to Minor was not only the variety of businesses the company operates: i.e. Hotels, Food or Lifestyles, but also the legendary founder who demonstrated a real entrepreneurial spirit. This made his decision to join Minor easy.

“The first task is being a Company Center of Information”

When he first stepped into Minor, his first role was related to numbers and finance in Financial and Investor Relations. In this role, he met and interacted with lots of investors acting as a “company center of information”: someone who needs to have information regarding the company (and every company activity) on hand to be able to answer questions from investors, project a positive company image in the media, and support the company stock price.

“My assignments began to extend beyond just Finance”

After he had been recognized by all members of management in terms of financial aspects, he was assigned some other tasks beyond Finance areas: i.e. Marketing, HR, Succession Planning, and Company KPIs as well as the celebrated company event called ‘Minor 50th year Anniversary’. All of these are things he had never done before. If others were assigned these unfamiliar tasks, they may have felt demotivated or tired, as they would need to do something beyond their responsibilities. However, he felt like he had received a great learning opportunity that would personally challenge and develop him.

“This is the true definition of Drive Culture that contains the key to unlocking your potential”

Once he had been assigned to do tasks outside Finance, he discovered his hidden potential from doing something he had never tried before and realized that he could do a lot more than he was assigned. For example, he could do marketing, advertising, or even managing special events with terrific results. This made him understand the true meaning of Drive Culture: Minor’s corporate culture that supports all employees in discovering or unlocking their hidden potential to leave a legacy for self and company.

“If you ask for 1, my team and I will give our all to deliver 2 or 3, and never say we can’t do it”    

He tried to illustrate how his team can deliver exceptional results. He said if his supervisor asked for 1, he and his team would go the extra mile to deliver 2 or 3. Even if he was not confident that he would be able to complete the requested task, he would try first without saying that it is impossible. He always tried to find a way to overcome those challenges. Remarkably, he always got it done successfully.

“The award didn’t come from one single success”

Because he had always delivered exceptional results time and time again, he was awarded the Tiger Award, the most prestigious award of Minor that is given to employees every year for an exceptional achievement. He believed that he was awarded this Tiger Award based on his accumulated achievement over 9 years with Minor, not from one single achievement.

“Minor has profited my life greatly”

He said when he had opportunities to travel and meet with investors and key stakeholders in many countries, he didn’t feel like he was working and felt entertained rather than feeling tired. He perceived this as an opportunity to visit new places and meet new people. In addition to assignments to unleash his potential, these opportunities also served to benefit his personal growth: something that Minor has given him which has made him who he is today.


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