Can you believe that work and personal life can be integrated perfectly?!

October 31, 2019

Hard work, no time for family. This is a common problem in the lives of many workers. Including workers at Minor Food, which some may have heard of challenging the work culture here. This makes them think that working here is too tiring and results in having no time for the family.

Whatever you have heard about that, it will change if you watch the story of K.Waleeporn (Pui) Assistant Vice President of Finance, who has been a key figure in the success of well-known brands such as Dairy Queen, Swensen’s and The Coffee Club. Her story will help you understand the work style here more clearly because she not only succeeds in her work but also in her personal life.

She was told about this problem when she got a job here. People warned her that Minor is very tough and has many ambitious people and that there would be no time for the family, despite this she still wanted to try.

“At first, I didn't find it that tiring and tough, but after 3 months I wanted to resign!”

She started to work at Minor Food with Dairy Queen. At first, she didn’t find it that tiring and tough, but after 3 months she wanted to resign. The main reason was the people. She met so many ambitious people. 
This made her uncomfortable and so she wanted to resign as a result of that.

“But the people also became the most tempting factor for me to stay here.”

After that, she realised that the people also became the most tempting factor for her to stay here because she learned a lot from executives and colleagues who taught her to think outside the box and do things she had never done before. 

“Minor Food has given me the freedom to manage my own work.”

When she started to familiarize herself with the working environment here, she started to deliver good financial results to Dairy Queen. Moreover, she has a passion for the brand, so she did not just work in finance but stepped up to working in marketing too. Exploring and dealing with new partners to launch attractive promotional campaigns for customers. This made her deliver consistent profits throughout a period of 5 years at Dairy Queen.

“It taught me to be the best version of myself”

One thing that has transformed her until now, is that Minor Food taught her to be the best version of herself by setting higher targets to always challenge herself. It has given her the ability to create better results that she had never previously achieved before.

“This award reflects that the Executives value that I go extra mile.” 

The achievements that she made throughout all 5 years at Dairy Queen resulted in her getting the Tiger Award in 2018, the most prestigious award of Minor and only given to the most suitable employees once a year. This success made her feel incredibly proud to be here.

“I was promoted to bigger brands – Swensen’s & The Coffee Club”

After she delivered great results and showed her leadership in financial management for Dairy Queen. She was promoted to managing the finances for bigger brands – Swensen’s and The Coffee Club. Currently, she is the Assistant Vice President of Finance for Dairy Queen, Swensen’s and The Coffee Club.  

“At Minor, I have the flexibility to manage my time.”

Family is a very important thing for her. She understands that although working here is always challenging, there is also high flexibility about time management too. This is an important thing that has helped her to manage her time efficiently. It has made her succeed in her work and personal life.

“I love the brands I work for as if they were my children.”

At the end of the day, she compares the management of 3 brands like taking care of her own child, she must dedicate herself to develop the brands to grow as required.


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