In 1986, Minor Food took on the franchise for Swensen's, the beloved ice cream parlor established in San Francisco in 1948, and developed it into Thailand's largest premium ice cream brand. Under Minor Food's direction, the Swensen's brand has evolved from simple scoops to a variety of sundaes, and today it provides consumers all over Asia with an ice cream experience no other brand can provide.

As of 31 Jan 2019

Minor Food acquired the master franchise rights to 32 countries across the Middle East and Asia, with the first launch of the international franchise in 2004. Today, we operate more than 300 outlets across the region.

310 Outlets
6 Countries
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Myanmar
  • Laos
  • Pakistan

Good Quality, Good Service and Value for Money

Our full-service premium ice cream parlors serve the most beautiful SUNDAE treats with our friendly SERVICE in our unique mood-lifting vibes of the STORE radiating from naturally friendly people with genuine care and real passion to perpetuating ice cream eating at Swensen’s a truly awesome ‘Ultimate Sundae Experience.’