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Founded by two friends, Cen Chang Cheng and Li Chang Jiang, who chanced upon the traditional Chong Qing-style fish grilling method and topping it off with Ma La sauce while travelling to Wushan Town, Chong Qing, Beijing Riverside & Courtyard first opened in Beijing in 2005 and gained fame for their relishing traditional Chong Qing-style flame-grilled fish made with fish marinated with a savoury mixture made from over 13 ingredients, aged to perfection, meticulously prepared, and drenched with a wide variety of mouthwatering sauces, including, first and foremost, Chong Qing’s deservedly famous, super satisfying spicy Ma La sauce, Riverside Grilled Fish‘s signature sauce, that perfectly cushion the texture and flavour of the meat, along with a vast selection of Sichuan-style appetisers, snacks, and hot pots.

As of 31 Jan 2019

Minor Food successfully made a grand head-turning entrance into restaurant business in China through the investment in Beijing Riverside & Courtyard, a distinctive chain of casual-concept restaurants specialising in relishing traditional Chong Qing-style flame-grilled fish, harmoniously combining country-style cooking with well-groomed service and contemporary décor, which made the brand home to ‘Ultimate Intimate Pond-To-Table Dining Experience’

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