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Riverside Grilled Fish was founded by two friends, Cen Chang Cheng and Li Chang Jiang, after they had discovered the traditional Chong Qing-style fish grilling method on a visit to Wushan Town, Chong Qing.

As of 31 Jan 2019

Riverside first opened in Beijing in 2005 and gained fame for their Chong Qing-style grilled fishes served with a wide variety of mouthwatering sauces, including Chong Qing’s deservedly famous spicy Ma La sauce, Riverside Grilled Fish‘s signature sauce, and a vast selection of Si Chuan-style appetisers, snacks and hot pots.

73 Outlets
2 Countries
  • China
  • Singapore

The signature of Riverside Grilled Fish is its spicy Ma La sauce. They also offer selection of Si Chuan appetisers, snacks and hot pot.

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