Minor Food's Global Cage-Free Commitment

At Minor Food, we are dedicated to sustainable development and corporate responsibility. We recognize that animal welfare is an important part of a responsible food and service supply chain.

Eggs are a staple in many of our products and we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality and safest ingredients. We are committed to sourcing 100% of our eggs (shell, liquid and egg products) from cage-free sources for all owned and franchised operations in our portfolio by the end of 2027. Minor Food’s commitment to the cage-free initiative will have a positive impact on animal welfare and sustainable food sourcing at both the local and global level.

As of December 2021, 57% of eggs sourced globally are from cage-free hens. The Coffee Club in Australia accounts for 9.2 million eggs per year, and is sourcing 100% of its eggs from cage-free hens. We continue to work with The Humane League to accelerate our progress in this issue and will update our figures in early 2023.

To learn more about sustainable sourcing and sustainability at Minor Food and Minor International, visit  https://www.minor.com/en/sustainability/at-a-glance

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