'A Day in the Life' | Area Coach

January 15, 2020

More Drive, More Excellence


As we strive to achieve more by being a constant forerunner and innovator in the ever-changing landscape of the global hospitality, food service and retail industries. Minor Food is relentless when it comes to deliver the best customer experience. That's why we have always been committed to the development of our staff. 

We kick off 'A Day in the Life' series with a story about our Area Coach of Swensen's ice-cream brand. Pongsakorn will take us through his day as an Area Coach from his daily operations to his biggest challenges to his most rewarding moments. He will tell us how he overcomes his challenges where day-to-day operations and overseeing his team can be very demanding, especially when he has to accomplish the business goals and customer satisfaction at the same time. You will understand the true meaning of 'Minor is more' through his lenses.



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