Setting goals is important but setting higher goals is more important!

September 26, 2019

This is the story of K.Egg Nakarintr, the GM of Dairy Queen (Thailand), who managed a brand which unfortunately ended up with a loss over 10 million baht. After that he also had health problems. Finally, he resigned to take care of his health and recover mainly by running. When he was ready, he came back again. When he returned, he was challenged by the CEO in a way which transformed him forever.

He started working at Minor by managing the golf business brand in Minor Lifestyle. But later, the golf brand that he managed lost over 10 million baht. The company decided to take the golf business out. He felt disappointed in himself. However, the company still gave him a choice to stay or resign. Of course, he decided to stay.

“Why didn't you resign?”

K.Paul, CEO of Minor Food asked him in an interview to prepare to move from Minor Lifestyle to Minor Food. He insisted on staying on to complete many things that he had initiated. Then he got the opportunity to move to become General Manager of Burger King (Thailand). After that, he decided to resign because of health reasons and spent time to take care of his health by exercising mainly through running.

“I felt useless”

He left his job for 6 months, and that was enough to make him feel useless. When he was ready, he decided to come back to Minor Food as the General Manager of Dairy Queen (Thailand).

“What was I doing here? The business was already doing well”

When he worked at Dairy Queen (Thailand). He found that the business was already good although the GM position was vacant for a long time before he came. He was stressed and decided to meet K.Paul to discuss if there was anything more he could do because the business was already doing well. When K.Paul knew that he set a goal to open only 17 branches that year, he immediately challenged him.

“Why don't you set a higher goal to open 100 branches?” 

When he heard this challenge. He thought it was impossible because in the past, opening 10-20 branches per year was already excellent. But K.Paul still continued to encourage him to set higher goals.

“That year, Dairy Queen opened the most branches ever”

Then he started to revamp the way of work and discovered the opportunities to open more branches. Even though he opened 52 branches that year, it was the highest number of branches ever to be opened and then 62 more branches the following year! This made him realise that setting higher goals that have never been done before is very important along with pushing the team to succeed together. This is the true calling of a great business leader.

“We set a target profit of 200 million baht. Instead, we made a profit of 220 million baht!”

In 2018, Dairy Queen set a target profit of 200 million baht. Instead, he made a profit of 220 million baht. He exceeded the target. This wonderful achievement led him to win the Tiger Award, the most prestigious award of Minor.

“I always set higher goals before doing anything and then try to achieve it”

He concluded interestingly that he always sets higher goals for himself before doing anything and always tries to achieve it, whether it be working or running. When he runs, he always sets higher goals to do better than his previous time. When he achieves it, he feels that he has advanced to the next level. This is an important aspect that Minor has helped him transform into, which has led to his success.


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