How Does Minor Food Transform Ordinary People to Become a Tiger? EP.1 Swensen’s Head of Customer Experiences

July 26, 2019


K.Poon is a man who has had a passion with dessert and ice cream since he was a kid. He still likes to explore interesting dessert shops and ice cream parlours, but now as an expert.

He had an opportunity to work with Minor Food and become one of leaders of world-famous ice cream brands like Swensen’s and Dairy Queen

Going back to his past nine years ago, he began to show his performance by initiating the Blizzard in Waffle Cone, the first Dairy Queen in the world for this success. Later, he could double the size of Dairy Queen business under Minor Food Group by opening 300 branches within one year! All the achievements he created quickly in those two years allowed him to be promoted by top executives to take care of larger brands like Swensen's.

“It was hard and exhausting. I barely had time to eat or sleep because I didn't know how many days or nights had passed”

This is a quote that tells the difficulty of his work during the first two months at Swensen’s. These problems and obstacles challenged him more than once. He had to work alone rather than with the 14 team members who resigned at the same time; in addition, the business was not even turning a profit, and pressure was all around him.
At this point, he was already on his way to either give up or continue to overcome all the problems!

“Whenever I feel stressed out from the work, I go and enjoy some ice cream.”

This is his tip for relaxing from stress that gave him time and consciousness to analyse various problems through the taste of his favourite ice cream. When combined with a strong mindset and useful advice from the top executives who had taught him all the time and give him full freedom to work, he began to gradually create achievements for Swensen's. He started by recruiting in order to fill the team to be ready to create success. This was especially true in 2017 when he launched Swensen’s Bingsu for the first time. This initiative created high profit and great success. Some branches made 40% more sales when compared to the same period last year! At this point, he felt that he had overcome the obstacles by turning every problem into an impressive success. 

“I really got to learn a lot and expand my capabilities.”

He admitted that when the top managements challenged him with high expectations, it was very tough at first. Now, as a result, he offers this advice: If we approach those challenges with the right attitude, it can help everyone to develop further and go beyond their limits as well as advancing in their career with Minor Food.

He was selected as the winner of the 2018 Tiger Awards, which is the biggest award of Minor, due to his phenomenal success in the previous year. “This is one of my life's proudest moments." He was proud mentioning that this award guaranteed that he had become one of leaders who creates business growth and drives the company to grow better and faster.

“When you choose Minor, you choose limitless growth: the growth of the company and the growth of your career. That's the truth!”



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