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  1. At Minor Food, we have a world-class & user-friendly application tracking system called “SmartRecruiters”. The application process is very simple, and applicants will have various options to apply to the job. 

    For example:  Manually fill out, Upload CV, LinkedIn Profile, Indeed Profiles and others.

  2. Yes, Minor Food allows applicants who wish to apply to more than one application.

  3. Yes, Minor Food is open to receiving applications, even when positions are not vacant. 

    Applicants can apply by clicking Career@MinorFood. You can submit your application to Minor Food, if the position is available and you meet the qualifications, our HR team will contact you for further discussion.

  4. With our application tracking system “SmartRecruiters”, applicants will be updated every step of the way. 

  5. With our application tracking system “SmartRecruiters, unsuccessful applicants will  be notified  by email.

  6. Yes, Minor Food is always open to receiving applications from applicants in the future.

  7. Yes, Minor Food is open to foreigners and supports work visas/work permits for successful applicants.

    However, the decision depends on position qualifications and hiring team considerations.

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