Art of Baking - Merging Art with Experts to lead bakery business in Asia!

The Minor Food Group PCL., has entered into a Joint Venture with Srifah Frozen Food Company to establish a World-Class Bakery production factory under ‘Art of Baking Company Limited’. This company will produce both ‘Ready-to-Eat’ and Frozen Bakery products to cater customer in Thailand and in Asia Pacific region.

Mr.William E. Heinecke - Chairman of Executive Management Committee of Minor International and K.Lerssak Boonsongsup – Chief Supply Chain Officer of Minor Food Group visited the factory with the Management Team of Srifah Frozen Food Company.

‘Art of Baking Company’, located in Samut Sakhon province, covers an area of approximately 41,600 square meters (26 rai). Producing and Distributing ‘Ready-to-Eat’ and Frozen Bakery products across various customer segments, whether Hotels or the Food business including Wholesale and Retail stores, Restaurants, Convenience stores, etc. Following are examples of ‘Art of Baking’ products: 

- Ready to Eat : Bread, Cake, Donuts, Sandwiches etc.
- Frozen Food : Bread Dough, Pizza Dough, Croissant etc.

In addition, Art of Baking has all key factors that will lead to company’s success, including

- Right product quality with consistency & food safety
- Competitive pricing to enhance customer’s profitability
- Advanced technology with automation
- Strong people and culture
- Innovation through excellent R&D capability

This is one of many exciting stories that show the strong growth of Minor Food. What will the next story be….Please stay tuned!

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