Grand Opening Coffee Journey!! Let's kick off the new journey

An exciting step forward for Minor Food with business expansion opportunities and continue to be the market leader. We have collaborated with Esso to launched the 'Coffee Journey' first store in Thailand at Esso Ramintra km. 6.5 with plans to open more stores soon. Coffee Journey aspires to be ‘The Coffee Shop” that meets the needs of consumer who love to travel & create a good story through their journey.

The highlight of Coffee Journey is the difference of the coffee bean from others. Our coffee begins with selecting the best quality coffee bean from Australia, blending it to become a great recipe, with precise care in every step of the brewing process. We believe that our aromatic cup of coffee can inspire you to go out and create a great journey that you desire.

We aim to open more stores in Esso within this year. This is an important step for us to reinforce our business growth, strength and  continue to strive for sustainable business success.

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