Minor Food receives the Future Food for Sustainability award for the "Wolffia Power Energy Dessert"

On December 13th, Minor Food, led by Tanakarn Urasyanandana, Pastry Innovation Manager (Chef Bell), and the Minor Food Innovation Team (M-FIT), presented their future food dish "Wolffia Power Energy Dessert" to 21 economic world leaders at the 2022 APEC Plate to Planet contest and received the first runner-up award for "Future Food for Sustainability" from Mr. Anucha Nakasai, Minister Attached to the Prime Minister's Office, at Lido Connect.


"Wolffia Power Energy Dessert" is a mousse without any animal gelatin that is full of protein, vitamins and amino acids from Super Food like Wolffia globose (also known as the caviar of Thailand), organic soybeans from northern Thailand farmers. Each cup contains six ingredients, including bean curd cream mousse with wolffia globosa, creamy light tofu with wolffia globosa, honey lime jelly with wolffia globosa, granola with wolffia globosa, matcha cream with wolffian globosa, and honeycomb wheat-free biscuits. This dish is suitable for people who like tofu, vegetables, desserts, or are vegetarians.

In addition its mild sweetness this dessert is good for the heart and the planet. The main ingredients’ production process efficiently utilises leftovers generated during production. For example when tofu is made from organic soybeans, the soybean meal leftover can be used to feed pigs, chickens and insect. Moreover, it also supports the consumption of plant-based proteins.

Thank you and congratulations to the M-FIT team for their innovative, healthy and sustainable contributions to deliver exceptional experiences to our customers.


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