MSC Thai Culinary School’s student won 5 medals in Thailand Ultimate Chef Challenge 2019!

Congratulations to all of the students of MSC Thai Culinary School, the school under Minor Food Group for the great victory! We won 5 medals in several competition by the Thailand Ultimate Chef Challenge 2019, Thailand's Largest Competition of the Year, held during at ThaiFex. The details are below;

1. Miss Chayanee Janyapimolkun (highest score) – 1 Gold Medal, 6 Different Classic Thai Dessert

2. Mr. Chutichai Chaiyos – 1 Silver Medal, Classic Cuisine Professional Chef

3. Miss Orrutai Wiwatkiat, Miss Samran Kaew Nang Rong and Miss Cheenan Khamjai – 3 Bronze Medal, Classic Thai Cuisine Professional Chef

Once again, this achievement have made us proud and have reaffirmed the commitment in people development of Minor Food that has been continued for many years to develop both our employees and students of MSC Thai Food School, to unleash their potentialto be the best and create the tangible success in national competition.

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