Pizza Excellence Award: Focus on Developing Employees to Provide The Best Service and Food to Customers

Continuously improving service standards and flavours of pizza is the key to making The Pizza Company the favourite pizza brand of customers for many years. For a long time, one of the things that we have done to maintain that standard is the Pizza Excellence Award, which held its sixteenth anniversary this year and was led by Mr.Panusak Suesatboon, GM of The Pizza Company. This award is given every year in order to enhance the skills and knowledge of employees in regards to work standards that will provide the best service and food to customers.

At the Pizza Excellence Award this year, there were competitions in making pizza, pasta, and customer service in order to find the best chefs and customer service staff that are ready to deliver the food and service that satisfy the most customers. We have also partnered with AP Honda to organise the Drive Safety Excellence Award for our pizza delivery staff in order to build awareness of safe driving for society and communities. There were over 700 executives and staff of The Pizza Company in attendance. All in all, our aim is to make all of our staff be ready to provide the best customer experience every time they come to The Pizza Company.

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