Sizzler brings “Healthiness On The Go.. Sizzler To Go” received two big prizes from the Marketing Award of Thailand 2021

On March 2nd, Sizzler received two major prizes at the Marketing Award of Thailand 2021 event, which was organized by the Marketing Association of Thailand (MAT). They have committees and experts from various industries who are representative of the new marketing era to judge and reward great campaigns in each award category together. This year, the "Healthiness On The Go.. Sizzler To Go" campaign from Sizzler won the two awards, including the "Grand Prize for Best Marketing Campaign of the Year", which received the highest vote from the judges for its campaign excellence in strategy, methodology, creativity, and innovation that produced remarkable results and aligned with the objectives. This award reflects the success of driving our business through thoughtful and creative marketing campaigns. In addition, we also received the "Gold Award" in the Strategic Marketing Award Category, which determines marketing campaigns for strategic excellence that meet the business objectives and create positive impacts for the brand. At this event, we had a representative management team from Minor Food, including Mr. Kreethakorn Siriatha (CFO at Minor Food Thailand), Miss Nongchanok Sathananont (GM of The Coffee Club), and Mr. Banyat Atiyuttkul (AVP Operations of Sizzler) received the awards.

Successful marketing campaigns are the key strategy that drives a successful business. Minor Food never stops focusing on customer needs to spot new business opportunities because Customer-Focused is one of our core values. We always use creativity to develop better products and services and deliver better experiences to impress Thai customers, such as the Sizzler brand that created the "Healthiness On The Go. Sizzler To Go" campaign that makes it easier for customers to access healthy products and services from Sizzler.

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