Sizzler encourages customers to get involved in helping society through health care

The main goal in the business of Minor Food is to provide excellence to customers through great service and the quality of food. This has been at the heart of Minor Food's business operations for more than 50 years. All of these create a good experience for our customers who come to receive in-store and delivery services, in accordance with the standards set.

Sizzler, a western steakhouse and one of Minor Food’s biggest brands, has been developing its menu continuously for over 30 years, showcasing a wide variety of dishes all aimed at satisfying the needs of the customer. This includes the Salad Bar, which has become the signature of Sizzler for many customers, allowing them to choose from more than 50 delicious items, and making them feel replenished and healthy after every meal. Recently, Sizzler launched a 100% natural, cold-pressed juice product for customers, in order to open the way for health lovers to enjoy drinking fresh juice without added sugar, under the name Cold-Pressed Juice. Customers can have daily, fresh, cold-pressed fruit juices served to them, which is not only beneficial to their skin, heart, eyes and blood nourishment, but also cleanses and detoxes the body too. This special formula can help you to relax from fatigue, and is one way of improving the lifestyle of those people who want to take care of their health, yet lack the time to be healthy at home. To kick-start the launch of this exciting new product, Minor Food will donate 5 baht for every Cold-Pressed Juice sold, to the Social Action for Children and Woman Foundation (SAW) from today until December 31, 2019.

This is a reflection of Minor Food’s commitment to developing and paying attention to customers, not just by providing an excellent service and quality products, but by allowing customers to join Sizzler in contributing to society. Sizzler is ready to provide all customers with an experience from every taste of life, in an atmosphere filled with happiness.

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