Swensen’s Durian Town Fresh Durian with Every Bite

Because our love for indulging in sweet treats never disappoints anyone! Especially if we indulge in fruits that is the KING OF FRUITS in Thailand, like “Durian”

From the inspirate of Swensen's, which wants to serve durian ice cream sundaes to durian lovers in a new form combining fresh durian to a variety of signature menus of Swensen's, including sundaes, cakes, beverages, and even durian ice cream cakes.

Our quest to innovate new product has given birth to our first special project of this year featuring a variety of durians. Product offering range from our signature ice cream that features 16 new durian flavors, sundaes topped with sticky rice, salted egg yolks bua-loy, crispy fried durian and even fresh durian. Every dish is packed with durian delight and served with heartfelt care. We bought a total of 15 tantalizing dishes to satisfy every durian lovers craving. What more, we have also brought different variety of fresh durian that will have every durian lovers crying out for more.

Through collaboration and partnership between Chanthaburi Chamber of Commerce and Swensen’s, we are ready to serve fresh and delicious durian sourced directly from Chanthaburi, catering to the need of durian lovers throughout this year durian season. Featuring 3 much sought after durian varieties; Nok Cha Jib, Puang Manee and Musang King. These rare variety of fresh durian are freshly prepared and served to everyone’s delight at Swensen’s Durian Town Experiential Concept Store.

If you're a durian lover, missing this special limited time event will forever be your lifelong regret. Be ready to embark on an experience together at Swensen’s DURIAN TOWN, with fresh durian in every bite.

Meet Swensen’s Durian Town Fresh Durian with Every Bite

26 May 2024 to 25 June 2024 at The Mall Bangkae G Floor (opposite Gourmet Eats)

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