Swensen’s Kad-Nan | Regional Flagship Store

A unique ice-cream experience within a local cultural ambience. This happened at Swensen's - Nan Regional Flagship Store!

Once again, Swensen’s reinforces to be the leading ice-cream brand that delivers a unique customer experience with the opening of Swensen's Nan Regional Flagship Store. This store is the second store in Thailand after Phuket Town that is designed in accordance to the Regional Flagship Store concept. This concept is not just about expanding stores, but also to select a province with a character and local people including a distinctive local culture. Like Nan province, there is a strong community. So Swensen's joins with local franchisee who truly understands  the Nan culture, to develop the area to become a new tourist attraction of Nan province.

About store design, we bring the wisdom of Nan culture to create economic innovation through the store design. Customers can enjoy delicious ice-cream with a special ambience. We consulted with Nan historians, cultural experts and local designers  for store design,  to ensure that store ambience truly resonates with the local culture.

Additionally, Swensen's also adds a special menu 'Bualoy Coconut Ice-cream', which is available only in this store. If you travel to Nan, then do not forget to visit Swensen's - Nan Regional Flagship Store and you will be truly impressed.

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