The Pizza Company provide New York style experience to customers with pizza XXL size 18”

When we talk about New York, what do you think about?

…Somebody thinks about city of financial center and stock market.
…Somebody thinks about fashion.
…Somebody thinks about famous high-rise buildings.

And one more thing that is charming about New York City is ‘New York Pizza’ which is popular amongst tourists around the world and is known as a must-eat food when visiting there with a unique identity.

To make it special, The Pizza Company strives to provide a New York-style experience to all customers and setting a trend for the pizza industry in Thailand. We will launch 'New York Pizza', the latest addition to offer the deliciousness of a giant pizza, XXL size 18 " made from homemade dough. We also launched new pizza topping 'Truffles Ham and Bacon 'and with iconic New York style menu. Moreover, we also have props for customers to take pictures, adding fun during eating pizza at the restaurant.

K.Panusak Suesatboon, GM of The Pizza Company stated “We launched  "New York Pizza XXL size 18 inches, double the size of a medium pizza pan, made with fresh homemade dough and new toppings "Truffles Ham and Bacon". Moreover, we are also adding iconic New York style menu such as Buffalo Chicken Wing, New York Mac & Cheese, Pork Ribs and New York Cheesecake. In addition, we have 14 popular pizza toppings for customers to choose and enjoy the pizza in our restaurant in New York style.

For “New York pizza XXL size”, we are ready to serve to customers who come to dine at our restaurant in shopping mall at a special price THB 399 (from THB 569). For delivery service, you can also enjoy New York pizza in XL size 15” at THB 379 (from THB 469).

Don’t miss the New York style experience before anyone else at The Pizza Company only. And don’t forget to take a photos and share on your social network from today onwards.

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