Brave Bold and Beyond - Minor Develops Young Talents to Build New Pathways for the Future

October 18, 2019

People’s success is the organisation’s success. Minor highly values People Development for upholding the organisation’s sustainability and growth. We have consistently provided various people development programmes to build a talent pipeline to support future business growth within this disruptive era. It has been over five years since we have started the New Generation Talent (NGT) development programme which aims at bringing out our young talents’ potentials. Apart from being young,  they will need to be well-rounded and motivated to achieve extraordinary business results. This year, we have 13 young talents enrolled in this programme from all business groups - Minor Food, Minor Hotel, Minor Lifestyle, and Minor International. 

The NGT programme has a clear objective to bring out the young talents’ highest potential, with a strong focus on cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset, inspiring knowledge and ideas in others, and transforming by embracing the digital disruption. The 4-month learning journey has comprehensively developed our talents to elevate their highest capability of 4 core skills: Innovating, Agility, Accelerating and Mobilising. As taking the lead in the industry has become more of a challenge, the NGT programme has partnered with K. Krating Ruangroj Poonpol, one of the startup experts in Thailand organised by Minor Food’s Talent Management team. As they say “Working with the Best” is one of Minor’s drive culture to unlock the impossibilities. 

Brave Bold and Beyond - Building New Pathways of the Future is NGT Programme’s demo pitching activity. Not only did they face lots of challenges, adopted a customer-centric mindset, learning cross functional collaboration, reworked on the project, but also they all managed to break out of their comfort zones. Hence, the talent teams had gathered their creativity and came up with innovative products for The Coffee Club, Dairy Queen, and a splendid service for The Anantara. As a result, the outcomes of each project has successfully brought a solution to the brands to fulfil customers’ unmet needs. In conclusion, all of these supports to sharpen our future leader’s development is to prepare them as the driving force in leading the organisation to achieve better outcomes and making iconic moves in the most competitive business environment. 


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