Another success of The Coffee Club: Developing Thai Youth into World-Class Chefs

Did you know? The Coffee Club brand doesn’t just provide great customer experience of coffee, food and service, but also provides the opportunity for Thai youth to gain experience abroad and become world-class chefs. 

Yes! This is what we do, and have been recognized on the national stage for it: ‘Chef Academy’ by The Coffee Club (Thailand), one of the brands in Minor Food Group, that won the ‘HR Innovation Award 2019’ in the Gold Award category, which is organized by the Personnel Management Association of Thailand, Thailand Productivity Institute and National Institute of Development Administration-NIDA Business School. The purpose of the event is to upgrade the innovation of management and Human Resource development, and to encourage both government departments and private companies to be alert to continuous innovation in personnel management. K.Pitichai Dejprasertsri, Group Director - HR Innovation of The Coffee Club (Thailand), is the representative who received the award from K.Suvit Maesincee, Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation at Impact Forum.

The Coffee Club (Thailand) is the first private company in Thailand to create a standard for chef development via our Chef Academy, equivalent to a Global Chef level, which develops Thai youth through 17 vocational schools. Graduates will receive Diploma/High Vocational Certificates and Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) and get the opportunity to work as a professional chef abroad. This program expands the creation of new careers for Thai youth in accordance with Thai Government labor policies. Nowadays, Chef Academy has been developing as a global professional chef training center to be a resource for The Coffee Club, which is expanding in many countries around the world.

This is one of many achievements which guarantee that The Coffee Club (Thailand) doesn’t just focus on customer satisfaction, but also on Thai youth development. The program encourages and assists them to be successful chefs in the future and gives them the skills to improve their lives in the long term. 


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