MINT received best SET Sustainability Awards 2019 and Outstanding Deal of the Year Awards 2019

Minor International (MINT) received 2 honorable awards important in the Thai Capital Market at the annual SET Awards 2019, well-recognized by the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and Money&Banking Magazine. The 2 honorable awards demonstrate MINT’s potential, excellence, and strength in corporate governance and emphasis on action for the sustainability of the environment and society. Also, MINT’s successes have become inspiration for other organisations to continuously enhance their business all at the international level. 

MINT was the award winner of “Best SET Sustainability Awards 2019” among SET-listed companies with market capitalization of over 100,000 million baht. The award manifests MINT’s commitment and excellence in corporate governance and sustainable development. Meanwhile, MINT maintains its status in the SET’s selected list of Thailand Sustainability Investment 2019, which is comprised of listed stocks with outstanding performance on environmental, social and governance (ESG). These sustainability awards reiterate the community’s recognition of MINT’s prominent standard of ESG practices.

As one of the two finalists, MINT received “Outstanding Deal of the Year Awards 2019” from SET for its acquisition of NH Hotel Group. The Outstanding Deal of the Year Award was presented to the company who was involved in a transaction which had a positive impact on the stock market in terms of financial innovation, approach of fundraising and mergers and acquisitions during the past year. The criteria for the achievement award include 1) Creativity: a deal that uses innovative financial instruments which sets a prototype to the stock market, 2) Strategic movement: a deal that is value accretive to the company and enhances the firm’s competitiveness, 3) Positive impact: a deal that supports the development of the capital market and country’s economy, and 4) Governance: a deal with transparency in information disclosure to stakeholders. 

Mr. William E. Heinecke, MINT’s Founder and Chairman commented, “We are very honored to be recognized once again by the Stock Exchange of Thailand for our efforts to conduct business with sustainable practices and high standards. MINT remains unwaveringly committed to our sustainability vision as our pinnacle of success and we will continue to direct the company’s business with good leadership, best in class operations, as well as exceptional social and environmental responsibility.”

“We are delighted to receive another award for the NH Hotel Group transaction. We are proud to take part in uplifting Thailand’s capital market and in supporting Thailand’s economy, particularly in the tourism industry, which is one of the biggest contributors of Thailand’s GDP. The award has reaffirmed our efforts put towards this strategic transaction which ultimately created positive impact for our stakeholders.” said Mr. Dillip Rajakarier, COO of MINT and CEO of Minor Hotels. 

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