Sizzler To Go: Understanding new lifestyle to create better customer experience

An understanding of the real needs always brings new ideas.

Sizzler, one of Minor Food favourite brands, has committed to serve a variety of healthy dishes. Along with the legendary Sizzler’s ‘all-you-can-eat’ salad bar concept, Sizzler recently launched ‘Sizzler To Go,' a grab & go concept on BTS Saladang station, the first branch in the world. 

With an understanding of today's fast-paced lifestyle, the grab & go business model is the answer for consumers' increasing need for convenience. Although they are grab-and-go meals, there are still a variety of healthy options including Cesar Salad, Chicken & Cranberry Salad, Fresh for Farm Salad, and cold-pressed juices. What's more is the special menu Sizzler To Go has created: Sandwiches with a variety of filling options, which you can indeed grab and go!

In an ever changing world we live in, providing excellent experience to our beloved customers is still very much the spirit of our business. Sizzler To Go is going to create a new page of customer’s experience. With its plan to expand its services to other stations and office buildings, Sizzler To Go promises to provide you the never-ending healthy food, wherever you are.  

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