Design Thinking 2019 : Better Understanding to Create Better Customer Experience

May 22, 2019

Minor Food focuses on continuously developing the potential of our people at all levels over the years. Every year we will analyze the real development needs which will support the growth of both the organization and our people through a focus on building skills and attitudes to be a driving force in making the organization better and faster than the competition in the market, creating a better customer experience and achieving business goals.
Leading Innovation with Design Thinking is one of the curricula we have chosen to help raise the level of thinking, understanding and questioning that will allow us to design products and services that satisfy our customers and to work together in a new way. This will enable our executives to create valuable and differentiated work for all stakeholders.
We introduced the Design Thinking programme into the organization for the first time in 2017. The top executives participated in this course at Stanford University, discovering that it is an interesting way of thinking and a good work method. In 2018, we expanded this program to middle management, ie Director and Manager, to drive and change the organization to deliver better customer experience.


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