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  1. 28 December 2020 Corporate Awards

    MDL & MCL Received Awards from the Ministry of Industry!

    Minor Dairy Limited and Minor Cheese Limited have received 3Rs Awards from the Department of Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry. We're committed to reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere and global warming by focusing on industrial waste management by following the 3Rs principle: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

  2. 18 December 2020 Corporate Awards

    Winner!!!! Asia’s Top Outstanding Women Marketeer of the Year Award 2020

    Mrs. Nongchanok Sathananon, Assistant Vice President Group Marketing of SLRT (Sizzler) – The Minor Food Group PCL receive the award from Asia Marketing Federation (AMF) organizes the Asia’s Top Outstanding YWN Marketeer of 2020

  3. 16 December 2020 News and Activities

    Minor Food Has Been Certified By The Amazing Thailand Safety & Health Administration To Reinforce Its Exceptional Hygiene Standards

    We have been awarded, by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, and the Ministry of Public Health, with the Amazing Thailand Safety & Health Administration: SHA certification.

  4. 08 December 2020 Corporate Awards

    Minor Food won HR Innovation Award for 2020 in the Silver Category

    Another success of Minor Food from the Smart Career team, led by K.Pitichai Dejprasertsri, Group Director – HR Innovation for building up the reputation for Minor Food by winning HR Innovation Award 2020.

  5. 02 December 2020 News and Activities

    Minor Food Share the Case Study of a New Business Model in a Marketing Mutation.

    Changing = Progressing. It might be painful, but in the end, it will result in a better direction in the future.

  6. 01 December 2020 Corporate Awards

    Minor is the No.1 Thailand Corporate Brand in Food and Beverage for 5 consecutive years!

    Minor has reinforced its vision as a leader in what we do by winning the ‘Thailand's Top Corporate Brand Brand of Frame 2020’ as the highest brand value organisation in Thailand in the food and beverage category for 5 consecutive years.

  7. 16 November 2020 News and Activities

    Minor Food Shares the Concept of 'Strategic Execution Management' to SCGP Executives.

    Minor Food was honored by the executives of SCGP (SCG Packaging) one of the companies in SCG group to share the concept of 'Strategic Execution Management' to SCGP executives in the CIP Leadership Cloud

  8. 10 November 2020 News and Activities

    PTT Invites Minor Food to Share the Concept of "How to Survive in a VUCA World" for Internal Auditors.

    How good would it be if inspiration for work was not limited in the organization's employees, but also forwarded to outside as well!

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