Accelerate Programme: Bring together Corporate Innovation with Startup Agility

September 06, 2019

Minor Food has a firm belief in the potential of its people and their development. People development has been one of our strategic priorities along with business performance and results. Minor Food has invested in many development programmes for talents to unlock the impossibilities within themselves and prepare them to become future leaders.

Today we are in the era of digitalisation where everything around us happens very fast. Minor Food aims to prepare its future leaders to be agile, flexible and open to change within this rapidly changing business environment, and strengthen them to compete on the world stage. With that aim, Minor Food launched the ‘Accelerate Programme’, a 3 month immersive development programme that will strengthen future leaders’ capability to integrate corporate strategy with digital transformation, customer centricity and agility.


The next move is yours. It’s time to take your game to new heights.
Join our team of high achievers that are keen on pushing their envelope and leading change for the better, and get on the fast track to personal and professional development!

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