Business Leadership – Developing Our Area Coaches to Deliver the Best Customer Experience

November 14, 2019

From today, your experience with all restaurants of Minor Food Group will change. The reason for this is that 89 Area Coaches have now been certified by Minor Academy’s Business Leadership Program. These Area Coaches play an important role in managing the restaurants of all 6 brands; The Pizza Company, Swensen’s, Sizzler, Burger King, Dairy Queen and The Coffee Club. 

On the final day of this program, Area Coaches presented business cases based on customers’ needs, and received constructive comments from executives to help them develop, execute and measure in real situations in their own restaurants.  This program makes them become leaders who understand customers with a sharper business perspective. Now, they are ready to be better and faster leaders delivering the best customer experience in every aspect.


The next move is yours. It’s time to take your game to new heights.
Join our team of high achievers that are keen on pushing their envelope and leading change for the better, and get on the fast track to personal and professional development!

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