Minor Sustainability Awards 2018

April 25, 2019

Minor Sustainability Award was initiated in 2016 to recognize and promote excellence in sustainable business practices within Minor. By introducing “Shared Value Creation” as judging criteria, we aim to evaluate both business and socio-environmental impacts of business units’ sustainability initiatives. The central premise behind creating shared value is that the competitiveness of a company and the health of its relevant communities and environment are mutually dependent. Recognizing these connections between socio-environmental and economic progress has the power to create truly sustainable growth. 

The award opened for all departments in Minor to submit the stories of their sustainability initiatives by linking them to one or more of four “Minor Sustainability Drivers” – People (Driving People Development), Planet (Managing Environmental Impact), Partnership (Committing to Long-term and Sustainable Partnerships), and Customer (Engaging in End-to-End Customer Experience). This year, there are 5 stories from Minor Food won this award.


1) Nomad Coffee Group "Develop a Long-term Sustainable Coffee Program" - A program that ensures sustainable, quality coffee beans sourcing which are economically viable for the company and farmers, while being socially and environmentally responsible.


2)  Minor Dairy & Minor Cheese "Transformation of Liquid Whey to High-Protein Liquid Fertilizer" - Transformed excessive liquid whey to fertilizer for farmers, improving corn productivity and reducing fertilizer cost. This also improved MDL/MCL relationships with milk suppliers and reduced waste disposal cost.

3) Minor Food Supply Chain Management "Carbon Footprint Reduction" -  New raw materials distribution model using fewer, larger trucks to regional hubs and smaller trucks to stores, reducing both fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emission.


4) Burger King Thailand BK “Say No to Plastic” - Initiative to reduce main plastic usage from dine-in customers through employee and customer education, communication and operating procedures redesign.

5) The Coffee Club Thailand "Teacher Bean Sprouts" - Funded construction of bean sprout planting house at a school and used produces for The Coffee Club Thailand’s Pad Thai which sustainably funded the school’s English teacher hiring.


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