The Best Thailand Swensen’s Excellence 2022 for the 33rd time

August 17, 2022

Swensen's, one of the most famous ice cream brands under Minor Food, held the Best Thailand Swensen’s Excellence Competition for the 33rd consecutive year on August 17, 2022, to find the best Swensen's team that can deliver quality in every scoop with excellent service according to Swensen's standard. The winning team is The Forth Putthamonthon Sai 4 branch. In addition, Swensen’s management teams attended the celebratory event to recognize and award prizes to our winners.

At Swensen's, we always recognize and prioritize product and customer service excellence. With this, we organized the Best Thailand Swensen’s Excellence Competition and selected participating teams across all branches nationwide to encourage our team members from all divisions to participate in this activity to accomplish Swensen’s goal by executing with the same brand standard. This will create an energetic and teamwork environment as we believe in Drive Culture to provide a superior taste of product and service quality and deliver memorable experiences for our beloved customers. Furthermore, this competition reflects our core values such as customer focus and result-oriented, where we always put customers first, with passion and energy.


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