39 Executives have completed Leading Innovation with Design Thinking

June 25, 2019

Leading Innovation with Design Thinking is a learning journey empowered by Learning@Minor. Minor Food Group aims at cultivating customer-centric mindset for middle management. During the journey, all executives attended 13-day action-based workshop facilitated by LUKKID group, the certified d.leader from Standford d.school, USA. The programme equips our executives with design thinking skill and understanding to develop product and service that fulfill customers’ unmet needs. They also learned a new way of working in agile business environment to be better, move faster, and cope with rapid business changes.

At the final pitch, all executives presented their ideas and key learnings from customer empathy exercise they had done during the past 7 weeks of their learning journey. Ideas that created values to customers were well-recognized by both internal and external commentators. Graduation certificate was honourly presented by Mr.Paul Kenny, CEO and K.Patamawalai Ratanapol, CPO as well as May Sripatnaskul, CEO of LUKKID Group. 

Development journey does not end here. The programme will be continue to cultivate design thinking mindset and skills through the launch of Leading Innovation with Design Thinking  2nd batch in August.


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