Fail Fast Showcase : Reward every success and failure for better customer experiences

October 10, 2019

The focus on developing our people potential in all levels has been a driving force behind Minor Food's sustainable success. Our variety of curriculums have helped strengthen creative thinking and skills for our employees to prepare them for any challenges they may face. This is equally one of the major factors that help make our organisation stand out from our competitors when it comes to customer service. 
Fail Fast Showcase, one of the Leading Innovation with Design Thinking’s project has inaugurated its first workshop. The project, empowered by [email protected], was created for the middle management level and is aimed to elevate their thinking, attitude, and skills through the cultivation of a customer-centric mindset. Our participants will be able to utilise what they learn from this workshop and apply Design Thinking’s skills to real-life situations with respect to Minor’s brands. They will also be introduced to a new approach to working known as Agile where one must maintain their own buoyancy and adaptability. 

Apart from the business impact, each idea generated different results, both successes and failures. Some ideas, for example, need to be reworked from the beginning. As a result of this development journey, the management team has adopted new customer-centric behaviours such as a good questioning without using own assumptions, always exploring to understand customer journey before making decision. Additionally, re-questioning is the key to empathising with a customer when ideas were lost. Either small or big ideas can be successful. Finally, working collaboration is the key to success. All of these factors support the growth of both organisation in driving change for the better, and our people in delivering better customer experiences faster to more effectively fulfill customer’s unmet needs. 


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