Minor Develops Our Young Talents Through the Startup Concept

May 16, 2019

Minor Food strongly believes that employees are the crucial foundation for the organization’s success. Our investment in young talent is also a part of Minor’s commitment to building a talent pipeline that supports future business growth through development and work that stretches them to fully utilize their potential.
We have many development programs for our employees. One of them is the New Generation Talent(NGT) Program which was initiated in 2015. The program targets high-performing young talents who have a strong drive to achieve extraordinary business results.
Over the past 4 years, we have had 55 young talents in this program. This year, our program will combine Corporate Innovation with Startup Agility. The 4-month learning journey aims to develop future leaders who are able to lead and drive innovation for the company with 4 core skills: Innovating, Agility, Accelerating and Mobilizing.


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