Minor Food x Disrupt Technology Ventures: “Accelerate” future leaders development

November 13, 2019

Minor Food’s unwavering belief in people development gave rise to the “Accelerate Program – Hacking the Future 2019”, a development program that aimed to equip its talent with the necessary skills in the face of disruptions and digitalization.

This 3-month program was developed in conjunction with Disrupt Technology Ventures, founded by Khun Krating Poonpol, one leading start-up expert in Thailand and SE Asia. It focused on strengthening future leaders’ capability to incorporate digital transformation, customer centricity and agility into our corporate strategy. The program saw a blend of real case studies, along with opportunities to exchange and learn from up-and-coming start-ups, such as, Kaidee, Indy Dish, Hungry Hub, Kinkao, and ChomCHOB etc. The ultimate aim of the program was to prepare the future leaders of Minor Food to be agile, flexible and open to change within the rapidly changing business environment.

The program ended in a 2 –day Hackathon wherein 8 teams of participants were challenged to pitch their ideas and compete for the title of “Most Innovative”, “Most Disruptive” and “Most Customer Centric”. They were mentored by the seasoned executives from within and outside of Minor Group including Mr Paul Kenny (CEO, Minor Food), Mr Kulshaan Singh (CPO, MINT), Khun Lerssak Boonsongsup (CSO, Minor Food), Khun Patamawalai Ratanapol (Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee, SNP), Khun Suwatt Pathompakawan (CEO, Skootar), Khun Kaweewut Temphuwapat (Head of SCBx), Khun Pinya Nittaya (CEO, GET Thailand), and more.  

In conclusion, we believe that people development is the engine fuel to drive Minor Food forward to succeed on the world stage.



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