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by enriching their diversity,by developing and grow
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  1. ‘Business Leadership’: Develop Area Coach to become a better leaders

    19 July 2019

    Minor Food, we are a committed learning organization that is willing to invest in best-in-class people development to accelerate growth and unleash th...

    People Development
  2. 39 Executives have completed Leading Innovation with Design Thinking

    25 June 2019

    Leading Innovation with Design Thinking is a learning journey empowered by [email protected] Minor Food Group aims at cultivating customer-centric minds...

    People Development
  3. Staff Party 2019

    17 June 2019

    Minor Food Staff Party is an annual company event that is regularly arranged to express sincere gratitude towards hard work and strong contribution to...

    Minor Activities Corporate Staff Store Staff
  4. The people of Minor worldwide collaborated wholeheartedly to create better changes on Minor Founder’s Day.

    07 June 2019

    At Minor, not only are we a leader in the food business that delivers a great experience beyond expectations for customers, but we also give importanc...

    Minor Activities Founder's Day
  5. Design Thinking 2019 : Better Understanding to Create Better Customer Experience

    22 May 2019

    Every year we will analyze the real development needs which will support the growth of both the organization and our people through a focus on buildin...

    People Development Corporate Staff
  6. Minor Develops Our Young Talents Through the Startup Concept

    Minor Develops Our Young Talents Through the Startup Concept

    16 May 2019

    Minor strongly believes that employees are the crucial foundation for the organization’s success....

    People Development Career Advancement Corporate Staff
  7. The Minor Running Club is officially born!​

    07 May 2019

    Minor colleagues have joined the first ever Minor Running Club Fun Run! The proceeds from the selling of Minor Running Club T-shirts​ will go to the M...

    Minor Activities
  8. Congratulations to All Minor Food Winners!

    25 April 2019

    All winners achieved successful results through their hard work, passion and Drive Culture. Khun William Heinecke, Chairman & Group CEO, presented the...

    Minor Activities

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